Brighton man gets infringement notice for dooring

A Brighton man who opened the passenger door of a taxi into the path of a bike rider in Collins Street has been issued an infringement notice.

The 65-year-old toy importer was caught on film knocking a woman off her bicycle then refusing to give his name, instead walking away and insulting the woman on March 17.

The cyclist filmed the incident and uploaded the vision to YouTube. The footage went viral and attracted huge public and media interest.

Collins Street has no bike lane, only a narrow cycling refuge marked by white lines and green paint. Nevertheless, cyclists have the right to overtake vehicles on the inside, unless the vehicle is in the act of turning left.

The toy importer said at the time that although he believed the collision was an unavoidable accident, he regretted his reaction. He said he had not known dooring was an offence but if found guilty he would accept any penalty.

“I have to take, the same as everybody else, the full weight of the law, and if I have to pay the fine, I will pay the fine,” he said.

According to VicRoads, although drivers are required to exchange details after a crash, passengers are not required to do so. This anomaly makes it possible for taxi passengers involved in a dooring to avoid legal repercussions, because the taxi driver would not be aware of their identity.

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